PolyPegs Tokens

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Contract: 0xB7e1E341b2CBCc7d1EdF4DC6E5e962aE5C621ca5

An algorithmically pegged token at a ratio of 1:1 with MATIC.

PSHARES - PolyPegs Protocol Governance Token

Contract: 0x04b79c851ed1A36549C6151189c79EC0eaBca745

PSHARES are one of the ways to measure the value of the PolyPegs protocol and shareholder trust in its ability to consistently maintain its pegs. During epoch expansions the protocol mints pegTokens and distributes them proportionally to all PSHARES holders who have staked their tokens in one of the Boardrooms.

PSHARES have a maximum total supply of 73,000 over 2 years, distributed as follows:

  • Farms Allocation: 61,350 PSHARES are allocated for incentivizing liquidity providers in all of our farming pools for 24 months.

  • Treasury Allocation: 7999 vested linearly over 24 months.

  • Dev Allocation: 3650 vested linearly over 24 months.

  • Initial mint: 1 PSHARES minted upon contract creation for the initial pool.


Contract: 0x199E738848dD5305AE2EC5f8BD11011e0D9Fd9ed

The main purpose of Bonds are to help incentivize fluctuations in the pegToken supply during epoch contraction periods. When the TWAP (time-weighted average price) of a pegToken falls below 1:1, Bonds are issued and can be bought with their respective pegToken at the current price. Exchanging pegTokens for Bonds burns pegTokens, taking them out of circulation (deflation) and helps get the price back up to peg. These Bonds can be redeemed for pegTokens when the price is above peg in the future, plus a premium based on how high above peg we currently are. This conversely creates inflation and subsequent sell pressure for pegTokens when they are above peg, helping push it back toward a 1:1 ratio.

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