Medium Risk Strategies inc bitBTC

For this strategy we are going to be using both bitBOMB and CZPegs protocols!

This strategy enables users to make the most of their printed bitBTC, from the bitBOMB boardroom, and pair it with CZbomb to farm with no sell pressure!

To make the most out of this strategy, both CZbomb and bitBTC have to ideally be above peg, printing more CZbomb / bitBTC in their respective Boardrooms.

Long term

For this strategy we recommend allocating :

By doing this, you are able to combine your printed CZbomb and bitBTC from their boardrooms, add them to the CZbomb / bitBTC LP without any sell pressure and then add this LP to your CZbomb / bitBTC autovault position, growing it exponentially!

Short term / profit taking

To change the above strategy to be able to extract profits easily, all you have to do is move a portion of your CZbomb / bitBTC LP position to the manual farm here. We recommend leaving the majority of your funds in the autovault, to grow your position immensely!

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