Lower Risk Strategies

Long term

An easy, hands off approach we recommend is 80-100% of your funds into an auto compounding LP of your choice of asset.

We then recommend adding 0-20% of your funds into the ShareToken auto compounding LP. This will give you exposure to our high yield, valuable share token with no deposit/withdrawal fee which is found in the boardroom!

Main investment (80-100% of your funds)

High volatility high reward (0-20% of your funds)

If you are a more cautious investor, stick to having 100% of your funds in the main LP's for a more steady investment overall. This is because the SHARE price is expected to be volatile asset (especially during the first few weeks/months) so your investment may fluctuate.

Short term / profit taking

The strategy for profit taking here is very simple, you use the above farms with the same ratios but instead of auto compounding vaults, you add them to our manual farms located here. We suggest having the majority of your funds auto compounding, with a smaller portion in the manual farms to then sell the earnt ShareTokens for profit!

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