Higher Risk Strategies, Maximising Returns inc BTC

This is, by far, the most complex strategy! If you are new or not comfortable doing this, we highly suggest looking at our Lower and Medium risk guides.

This is a higher risk, possibly higher reward strategy which is in-depth, use with caution! To make the most out of this strategy, both bitBTC and BTC have to ideally be above peg, printing more bitBTC/ BTC in their Boardrooms.

We recommend these rough percentages for this strategy;

With this strategy you use the bitBTC/ BTC LP Manual farm to collect bitSHARES. You then stake these shares into the bitBTC boardroom. When the bitBTC boardroom prints, you take the bitBTC emitted, pair it with the CZbomb emitted from the CZPegs CZbomb Boardroom and add them into your CZbomb / bitBTC LP Autovault. The CZbomb / bitBTC Manual farm will give you CZshares, stake these into the CZbomb Boardroom to increase the amount of CZbomb you can produce each print!

If you are looking to take profit with this strategy, all you have to do is sell some bitSHARES which will be emitted from the CZBomb/bitBTC Manual farm.

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