Strategies / Profit Taking

Potential strategies to reference as a quick-start guide to using the Bomb Money protocol.

The BEST way to take profit from PegHub+ Advanced Protocols is to farm ShareTokens using our manual farms and sell the rewards in small amounts. Selling bitTokens should be a last resort!!

Check out a great article on how to properly maximize your returns while also keeping the protocol healthy!

First and foremost, these strategies are only guides, please DYOR and decide which strategy suits you the best, then adapt it if needed! This will all depend on your risk tolerance, initial starting amount and activity level on the platform.

The strategies described here are intended only to illustrate how to use the PegHub+ Advanced Protocols and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research and make your own decisions with regard to how you use the PegHub+ Advanced Protocols .

The easiest way to earn consistent yields with the PegHub+ Advanced Protocols is always in the autocompounding vaults. Everything they do you can do manually, but require significant time for monitoring and gas fees for every transaction.

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